Lifetime adventure

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Rose and Bobby, together with their friends, are so much into adventures. They love challenges, they love to visit new and distant places all the time, sometimes places that are not even on the map. They are not afraid of adventures, on the opposite - they feel even more satisfied when they go to a place that is not easily reachable. Most of all, Rose and Bobby love adventures in nature. They love to breathe the fresh unpolluted air and sense the natural environment when they step on their feet and now they are about to have the hardest route in nature, so far. This will be the adventure of their lives, which means that is not just a simple walk into the woods. That\'s why they need to be prepared for the big action well. That means they should be in good mental and physical condition, to have the right equipment, and have a wish to conquer places that weren\'t visited by anyone before.We could also make a company to Rose, Bobby, and their friends, and find out what place will they visit today.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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