SOS Signal

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We remember life not for the banal things that happen to us every day, but for the little things that connect us to people, to some music, to nature, to what we love. We remember beautiful things that happened to us, not if they happened at home, in front of a TV, but if we went somewhere doing something not very ordinary, if we tried to challenge ourselves in fighting the boundaries.Our character of the day has such a mission. This lady has put herself into a great adventure. Cheryl is the first pilot of a zeppelin. Together with her friends Wanda and Peter they decided to make something that no one else has done - to turn around the world with zeppelin. Their voyage has been perfect until today, when their zeppelin has been broken exactly over the Amazon jungle, they send S.O.S signal and now they wait to be saved. In meantime they will try to manage on their own. They need some objects that must be found. We are sure that you are willing to help this lady adventurer. You wouldn\'t want to leave these brave guys suffering over the Amazon jungle.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Adventure



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