Swamp Society

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Have you ever thought about the life in the swamps? Not about you living in the swamp, but about the swamp as a living surrounding. Most of you probably not, or maybe you thought about it just in an instance, thinking about the flora and fauna that lives there and so... However, none of you have thought about a certain social life of the species that live in the swamp, somehow it is not something that is mentioned often, under any circumstances...But, believe it or not, there is an actual swamp society, made by the spices that live there. The frog Lisa is just one of the members of this society and yes, you will meet her very soon. You will meet her for the first time and she will ask for some help from you. As she says, the life in the swamp is very difficult and it is very hard to survive under those circumstances.She always has to take care of everything, in order to stay alive, but now she will ask you to help her find the necessary objects, needed for her to survive. Please be kind to Lisa and help her make her life in the swamp society better.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Mystery



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