Mysterious Institution

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There is a rather strange place, located out of the city where Barbara and her fiend Charles live. Namely, it is about a certain institution that few years ago was closed for the public and no one could come near to this place. The rumors about this place are numerous since people always talk and they like to tell stories about something that is mysterious and uncertain.Some of those stories might be true while many of them are just lies, since people invent stories so they could be in the center of attention, because they supposedly know something more about something that seems important or simply intriguing…Barbara, together with her friend Charles, arrive at the mysterious institution. They believe that this institution hides many secrets and now the time has finally come, those secrets to be revealed. Let’s take a look at this place and see what is actually going on there. maybe they are about to find out something big, or maybe there is nothing to talk about the place…

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