Becoming Immortal

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What about some mystery time for the Friday game? Weekend is coming, working days are ending and we can simply relax. Here is some testing time and it does not concern some people, but creatures from stories. This time we combined three kinds of creatures that will have one goal - to be helpful few gods. They actually want to safe their lives and even more, become mortal.The question for the eternal life is always actual and we can not deny it. Have you ever thought how would your life look like if you could go simply live forever? Maybe boring at a moment, but probably exciting at the same time.The fair lady Nothea, dwarf Egonol and sorcerer Tasha have arrived in the holly Forest of Gods. The three of them have to keep the treasure of gods, but before they achieve that, they will have to pass a test.They need to become immortal, but to be able to do that, they should find all the hidden objects. Here you come on board and we are sure you will love to help Nothea, Egonol and Tasha. They would eternally be thankful to you.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Mystery



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