Romance of the Past

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Love, probably one of the most unpredictable things in people\'s lives. You could never know when it could happen and many times, you are surprised by your own choice since sometimes love works on a mysterious way. From time to time we are attracted by people completely different from us or love makes us do things that are opposite to everything we believe in, when we are resuming with clear mind...But in some cases, the romance could not be avoided... Lori and Philip are a brother and sister whose grandfather was a famous writer of romantic novels. Once day, they find out that their grandfather had a secret love affair and no one knew about it.Lori and Philip, together with their friends, arrive in the house of their grandfather. They are here so they could search for something that will tell them something more about this secret love romance from the past of their grandfather. Was it something serious or just a affair that faded away just like that, we are about to see, if we help Lori and Philip in their search.

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