Lab Experiment

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Morality and ethics play a big role in every field, including the field of medicine. Ethical fair treatment of patients is particularly important and every patient should be treated accordingly, giving them appropriate attention and care.However, there is one particular field of medicine where it is especially important to follow certain criteria. Namely, doctors perform various experiments to get some knowledge. The thing about these experiments is that they have to be done under strictly controlled conditions so that no one is in danger.Detective Tyler is working on a case that involves a suspicious laboratory that performs illegal experiments on patients at the city hospital. Many patients who were subject to these tests found that their health is seriously at risk. You may imagine how serious that is, and if the detective confirms that those actions were illegal, the person responsible for them will face serious charges against him. But another thing is, what if the damage is already done and those people who were part of the experiments end up with serious consequences?

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