Frozen Touch

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Helen has a little bit of unusual talent and she is interested in something that is not proven to be true, but it seems that it exists, hidden somewhere around us... This girl has some paranormal skills and likes to help whenever there is a need and people have problems with these happenings. Our paranormal enthusiast received an assignment to solve the case about one small mountain city, located high in the mountain. Namely, there were reports about a ghost that appears in one small hotel and scares the ghosts who spend their time there. Helen is here to solve the problem before the hotel loses its reputation. She, using her paranormal skills, will try to get in touch with the ghost. She would like to ask him nicely, to leave the hotel and find another place to stay. She hopes that the ghost will also step \"on the other side,\" so he will stop making problems once for all. Let\'s help Helen in her mission and save the hotel and the whole mountain city from the threat of the ghost.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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