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Amy, Christine and Benjamin have one particular interest, something that not many people choose for their hobby or profession. Those three are seekers of hidden treasures and they do this really seriously. Amy, Christie and Benjamin are always in a search of treasures but they also look for maps that might help them find particular places where the treasure is hidden.One year ago, the three seekers visited one garage sale where they bought a map. On this map was marked the place where certain hidden treasure is hidden, something that fortune seekers don\'t see every day. The three of them searched for the place for a whole year but they could not find that precise spot. However, after searching all the possible locations, they came to the last place that could possibly be the place where the treasure is hidden.It is about an old abandoned house that is actually very near to the suburb where Amy Christie and Benjamin live. Now it seems that this search will be very easy since they found the place, so let\'s see if this map was real and is there really a treasure hidden in that house.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Mystery



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