Deathless Prince

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Emily and Paul are seekers of paranormal things and activities. This topic is their biggest passion because they believe that there is something more than the \'visible\'. Their passion is so big that they are prepared to go for miles in order to get to a place known for something unusual.This night Emily, Paul and their closest friends decided to visit one particular place. It is about a house known for one strange person who lives there. This person is known by the name \'Deathless prince\' and actually he is a vampire. Another thing about this prince is that no one has seen him. There are many stories about him but there is n proof that they are actually true. More precisely, there are mysteries about missing people, related to the name of the deathless prince.The brave gang likes to find out the truth about the place, to find out if there is really a vampire in the house and is he really responsible for the missing persons. Let\'s take part in this adventure and help Emily and Paul find out the truth behind the story about the deathless prince.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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