Unknown Encounter

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It might sound interesting, the idea of being clairvoyant and being able to forecast the future. Maybe that way we will be able to control our future and be able to avoid possible accidents.But what if some of those things can\'t be avoided? What if we see something that we don\'t like to see like an accident that has happened to someone we know?Rebecca is one of those people who have supernatural powers. Her dreams are often full of forecasts and those forecasts actualize very often. One of those dreams that are bothering her very often, is the dream in which one unknown voice is calling her to come on a meeting in one abandoned house, located in the center of the city.Rebecca is a little bit scared from the whole situation and what could come out of it. Maybe she will learn something very important from this encounter or maybe it will end up fatally, in one way or another...What we could do, to help Rebecca, is to come with her and make sure that she is safe while she follows her inner voice...

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