Ghost Servant

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Just imagine, to have a ghost that works as a servant in your house. Well, that is something no one from us would like, right? But on the other hand, the rich man Charles has this kind of a guest in his house who scares everyone there.Namely, it is about Karen, a woman who was working as a maid on the property of the rich man Charles. This woman passed away before a certain time but her ghost is still in the house!It’s not that the late maid Karen doesn’t like to leave the house because she realizes that the people in the house live with fear from her presence. She likes to end up with this strange situation but it seems that her ghost is captured in the house. The whole Charles’s property is like a labyrinth to her, like a labyrinth without an exit and she can’t find a way out. The ghost of Karen will definitely need some help from you to get away from this place and leave in peace the people who like in the house. Let’s bring some peace for Karen’s ghost too by helping her leave the place once for all and finally stepping on the other side.

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