Ghostly Tales

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There are many ways how to earn money, and all of them ask for a certain dedication and a lot of work. No, there is no such a thing as easy money. Even though you might earn some money easily, usually after that you have to pay a certain price, by giving a different type of resources... Helen, Larry, and Brenda believe that they have found a way how to earn money. Their wish is to buy the old abandoned house that is located in their suburb, renovate it and sell it for a high price. They believe that they will get a lot of money by doing that, but there before they start the whole thing, they have to check out one more thing. Before they buy the house, they have to check out how much effort needs to be invested in the house and is it actually worth taking such an investment and starting that kind of a project. The three friends go to see the old house, but there is an unexpected guest that welcomes them. Is it a guest or it\'s about a secret host of the house, someone that doesn\'t like to leave his home that easily?

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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