Kitchen goddess

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We have to admit that it is very hard to become the best cooker in the world. Those people spend their whole lives to get a continuous quality in their cooking and we know that many times it is about personal taste when it comes to food evaluation. However, there are some rules in cooking that help the experts evaluate who cooks best. That\'s how they judge who could be the best cooker. Rachel is believed to be one of the best cookers in the world. Only she knows how many sleepless nights she has spent, to earn that prestigious title. She is even known as the kitchen goddess in the restaurant where she works and she is very happy about that. This night, Nicole has a very demanding job in front of her. Few editors that work in a cooking magazine will come to her restaurant to try her widely famous recipes.Nicole is a real professional and she definitely knows what to do, but she is surely a little bit nervous when it comes tosomething like this. Let\'s help her with the preparation.

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