Uncharted Land

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Human nature is like that – functions with the need to be explored. We don\'t know everything about us, about ourselves, our environment, the planet we live on, and even more – the galaxies. And it is in our nature to search through new things, those we don\'t really know.And everyone wants to be the first to arrive somewhere, to be the first to try out something, to get to the unknown place and tell that story to the world. Because, they say we all remember the things that happened to us for the first time.We introduce you to two researchers and adventurers. Laura and Kevin together with their friends arrive in the unknown and not explored territory. They want to find out something more about this place and now they start exploring. They need to find the more objects possible so they will discover what did people do when they lived here. It is very interesting to go through the things that someone has had sometimes, but it is disappeared from unknown reasons. It is about time to enter into a new adventure now, we offer you an unknown territory for today.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Adventure



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