Lost Collection

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There are people all around the world that are impressed by the great works of art, including whole collections that belonged to a certain artist or that represent particular artistic style. They travel all around the world, looking for those rare pieces and discussing for their true values. Sometimes they find originals, sometimes some people try to trick the collectors or so, but the ones that are really dedicated to this, can\'t be tricked that easily.Donald is a passionate collector of valuable objects, like works of art or some important historical objects. He is also interested in some rare objects or collections, that are unique and no one has them. One day Donald finds out that one of the most valuable collections in the world is kept in the local museum in the town where he lives. For years the collectors like him thought that this collection is lost and that\'s why this was a huge surprise for Donald.Now Donald comes in the museum and he starts his search for the lost collection. We may help Donald in his search. Maybe that way he will be more efficient in his search and find that precious collection.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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