Valley of Wind

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Times have changed, and yet the rhythms of farm life may still be similar. For Barbara, farming is a lifestyle. She owns a small farm in the Valley of the wind, a perfect getaway from all the hustle and bustle of city life. Her land and her home mean so much to her. It isn\'t just a farm and it isn\'t just some dirt out there that she puts some seeds in...It\'s living; it\'s a part of her.So she invited her friends Carol and Donald to help her around the farm. Today they arrive on the farm and they are curious to experience a life on a farm nestled amidst nature. Every day, Internet search engines receive thousands of queries using phrases such as \'how to move to the country\' and \'how to get to the ranch or farm.\' Donald also has been searching how to move to the country. What began as a curiosity has now turned into a personal fascination and he wants to move forward with his idea. Barbara`s farm is perfect for building windmills because of the winds, but also ideal place for quite and peaceful living. Now they need to remove all necessary items so that Donald can pursue his idea further.

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