Cold Whisper

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Ghosts, strange sounds and lights, and even UFO experiences have been reported at these famous places in the world. If you are obsessed with all things paranormal and love reading creepy personal encounters, the following game is just for you. You`ll get goosebumps up and down your arms.Olivia decided to visit her sister who lives in a town that is 10-hour\'s drive from her place. Last time she got on an airplane, but this time she decided to travel with her car and enjoy the views along the way. So, she takes off. After few hours she decides to take a break and fill up the tank of her car. It is a dream place, but sometimes dreams turn into nightmares.The mysterious place in which Olivia stopped to pause is full of paranormal activity. She starts to hear whispers and strange noises, wisps of light and shadows move in her peripheral vision. Many secrets are yet to be revealed. The place is shrouded in mystery, with legends passed down for centuries. Olivia begins to explore the place and she finds out that the bad spirits had made a trap and she has fallen right into it. She has to find a way to escape from here.

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