House Of Lost Things

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In the place where Isabella lives, there is an old and abandoned house known as the house of the lost things. And probably this house is one of the strangest places you have heard about, ever! Are you wondering why we are telling that? Well, listen to this. In this house live ghosts and these ghosts come to the village every night, stealing valuable objects from the people who live there. After that, they keep the stolen objects exactly in this abandoned house. That\'s why the house is called the house of lost things. The people of the village, want to find a way how to handle the situation with the ghosts-thieves who operate in the village. However, you may guess that there are not many brave people who are prepared to deal with ghosts. That\'s why the situation stays the same for so long...But still, it appeared that there is a hero from the village, brave enough to take the situation into her own hands. Isabella will enter the abandoned house and try to find the stolen objects.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Mystery



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