Seaside Adventure

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Probably one of the best things in life is to have a house on the beach. That way you can enjoy the sea and the sun during the whole year, no matter if it\'s winter or summer. And many people who have a house at the beach, decide to spend the whole summer in their house, which is amazing if a person has that chance. Kelly has a house on the beach and during the summer she lives there. Once the summer starts, she moves into her house at the beach and lives there until autumn. She enjoys there very much because the house is right on the beach. And every day is a new adventure for Kelly when she is in her summer house. Today for example, she is preparing to go cruising with her ship. She plans to have short trip, but still, there are some preparations that need to be done. Even though she will sail for short time, the preparations are same as if she goes on a long sailing. Thats why we should help her get ready for the challenge. Let\'s see what she needs and help her start the sailing prepared.

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