Forgotten Wealth

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Are you interested in digging up the past? Yes, not literary, we think about searching through some abandoned places, searching around our attics or basements, looking for some objects that belonged to some olden days and so on. We don’t know if Margaret and her brother Joseph are into those things too, but they are really interested what hides their grandfather’s home, that is for sure.Margaret and Joseph come in the abandoned house of their grandfather Thomas. They are the only successors of the property that belonged to their late grandfather and many years after the death of their grandfather, they decide to visit the house with the intention to explore it.Let’s help Margaret and her brother Joseph by searching through the house together. We will see if this house is hiding something really interesting. Sometimes even regular things may look interesting for someone that sees them for the first time, not to mention objects that have sentimental value or even objects that are worth a concrete amount of money…

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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