The Lost Tradition

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The family traditions are really something precious. They are related to doing something together with the family, on regular basis like having a family lunch every Sunday, visiting the grandparents on a certain holiday, every year; playing a certain game on some holiday and so on. Those traditions could be different but they always wake up a beautiful feeling inside us, a feeling of happiness and belonging. That\'s why it is always nice to nourish this kind of traditions and keep the family close, as much as it\'s possible, of course.Margaret and her mother Kimberly, together with their relatives, arrive at the abandoned property of their grandmother. Margaret\'s mother remembers the wonderful family traditions they used to have while she was living on this property and while she was still a child.The remembering of these moments makes Kimberly feel happy and secure so she likes to do her best those traditions to continue, without being lost in the course of the time. But also Margaret is impressed by these traditions. Together they are here, to revive the wonderful family traditions once again. Let\'s see what is it about and maybe we will love some of those traditions too.

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