Fairy dust

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Even the fairies have their own ways how to ‘charge their batteries.’ We may think that their powers are inexhaustible, just because they are fairies, right? But things are not that easy, even for them.The fairies Susan and Sarah, together with their friends, arrive at the magic forest. This forest is the place where you can find fairy dust, that special dust with magical powers. The fairy dust is something necessary for the three fairies because they need it to improve their powers. Actually, without this dust Susan, Sarah and their friends, can’t make the people happy. This is something really necessary, something that makes the earth a better place for living. That’s why it is very important to find the dust and make sure things function properly. Let’s help Susan, Sarah and their friends find the fairy dust and continue their work as it should. The visit of the magic forest will definitely be something new for you, so let’s start our journey through this magical place and enjoy every moment spent there.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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