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Here is one unusual story, something that we don\'t see every day. It\'s about a magical story, we hope with a happy ending, but however, it depends on you. Let\'s see what is it about. The evil king Mark has captured Karen\'s father. Karen was terrified when she found out what happen to her father so she went to the evil king Mark, trying to bring her father back.Supposedly the king will release Karen\'s father but he gave her one task that needs to be completed in order to release the father. Karen should go to the castle that belongs to the scary Ashley, take all the valuable objects and give them to the evil king. Only that way her father could be released once for all.Even though Karen is rather scared, her wish to release the father is bigger than everything. She knows that she won\'t be welcomed by the scary Ashley, but she is here, ready to face everything in order to end up her father\'s saga. Let\'s help Karen in her mission. She will be very thankful she see her father free again, in his home, but not in the castle of the evil king.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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