Neighbors in Need

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Thomas, Sara and Daniel are new tenants in a building just built. They are moving in in the same day and are overwhelmed that they will live in a modern building. But, because there always has to be one \"but\" when a happy story is concerned, you may guess that this thing happened to Thomas, Sara and Daniel.That is to say, the moving companies have made a mistake with their personal stuff. Their objects are all messed up and removed into different apartments. So, you can guess what is needed to be done. These three happy people need to find their things so they can finally put everything in order and say that they are making a new start today.We are sure you will want to help these young people. That way they can get the chance to arrange their new lives in new accommodation. If you have ever moved into new apartment or house, you surely remember the joy you felt after fixing and arranging everything around. No one says that it was easy to choose, to renovate, to make something a new home, but the pleasure is immense after all of that is done. Having that emotion on mind, it is the best time to start the game!

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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