Fearless Princess

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Brave knights, mighty kings, but what about fearless princesses? That is something we don\'t have often in the legends right? But our today\'s game is exactly about that kind of princess. It is about princess Olivia who is known in the kingdom as the fearless princess who likes to solve all the problems in the kingdom on her own. That is an important feature of a person\'s character, especially when it is about a leader. Olivia\'s kingdom is good in general, but from time to time they have problems. There is a notorious witch named Hanna who makes problems in the kingdom - she steals royal objects and claims that they are hers. A few days ago, Hannah managed to steal a few objects that belonged to princess Olivia, and now, as always, the witch is bragging that those objects belong to her. Olivia will do her best to bring back the stolen objects. She is a fearless princess who doesn\'t care what other people say about witch Hannah and about the fact that most people are scared of her.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Mystery



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