Secret Stash

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Many times we cannot know what we can inherit from our relatives, right? We may know when it comes to some relatives who were close to us, but sometimes the inheritance can be a real surprise. At other times, people were interested in other things that may not be so interesting to us, but sometimes some things are just as valuable. Kathleen, Jason, and Amy are cousins who agree to visit their grandfather\'s abandoned farm. They know that there are valuable items on that farm and they are there to find all the valuable items and protect them. These items are part of the family heritage and as such should be given the place they deserve, so the three cousins want to ensure that these items are truly protected. Let\'s visit the abandoned farm of the three cousins together and help them find their valuable inheritance. These items are really valuable, but their emotional value is even greater. Let\'s see what we are talking about.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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