Schoolyard Shadows

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Children sometimes know not to be interested in something that we impose on them as correct, healthy, and good, but to be scared of basketball lessons? There is nothing to be afraid of here, you can only be disinterested, right? However, all is not as it seems... Nicole is a teacher in an elementary school in whom the students have a lot of trust. That is why it is not strange at all that they turned to her, worried about what was happening at the evening basketball games. Namely, the students complain that recently, strange sounds are often heard during these trainings and the children are terrified by those sounds. Students are afraid to the point that no one wants to train basketball anymore. Nicole is determined that this problem needs to be solved, no matter what it takes. Let\'s see what happens in this school during basketball practice. Is there any danger lurking for the young athletes, or is it a misunderstanding that needs to be resolved immediately?

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