Western Whodunit

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Maybe we see brave cowboys more in movies, and brave cowgirls are a rarer image, but that doesn\'t mean they didn\'t exist. Here, meet cowgirl Dorothy - a daring girl who constantly pushes the boundaries. Cowgirl Dorothy is on a personal mission, and it\'s about something that hits home for her. She likes to discover who is the murderer of her uncle. Dorothy is a fearless girl who is not afraid of the dangerous gangs that roam the Wild West. He will do everything to find out the name of the murderer and put him behind bars. And you can imagine how risky this mission is for Dorothy. This mission is dangerous for anyone, and this brave girl could use our help. Let\'s join in the hunt for Dorothy\'s uncle\'s killer. Let\'s try to find out who he is, but also where he is hiding and, of course, bring him closer to those who bring justice. Let\'s do all this quickly before this brutal killer escapes and all traces of him are lost.

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