Dangerous Expedition

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Would you be interested in embarking on a mission to a genuine 12th century house that once belonged to the Knights Templar? Then check out our game today. Built nearly 900 years ago, the house is full of history and charm. But danger lurks around every corner.Temple House today looks down on its own ancestral dwelling, in the shape of a picturesque, ivy-covered ruin of buildings in brick and stone. Michael, Linda and David are three adventurers which are brave enough to embark in this very dangerous mission. Today they arrived in a place where no one has ever set foot before. This is the secret home of one of the Templars. He spend his last days here.Have you ever wondered where some of history\'s most important artifacts were found? Well, memorable pieces of the past are sometimes closer than we think. The Templar left a lot of hidden artifacts in the house which are of critical import to the study of Templars and their lives over the course of history. We are ready when you are! The adventure may now begin!

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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