Secret Civilization

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Historians and anthropologists are always in a search for something new. They are always open for the possibilities to go somewhere and find out if there could be something that speaks about hidden artefacts or traces about some unknown civilization that lived in a certain place.They like to find all the details about something that is part of our known history as well, but when it comes to something new and unexplored, their trill and their curiosity become even bigger. Edge Grace and Alice are two historians that teach at a prestigious university. They both come to the knowledge that there was a certain unknown that lived on a small island in the Atlantic Ocean.Everything says that this civilization was not related to any other civilization around which makes it rather unique and interesting for exploring. It seems that this was a secret civilization and now it is the moment to find out something more about it. The two historians, Gloria and Alice, arrive at the island and they start their search right away.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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