Forbidden Road

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It is the perfect day for a little bit of mystery. Maybe you are not a person who believes in fortunetelling at all and paranormal activities, but we find that some fantasy won\'t harm you at all. On contrary, it might even be interesting and fun.Some people actually address for help to fortunetellers and find a lot of answers there. Lavinia is a fortuneteller who lives in an isolated village on the top of a mountain. Our player is a sudden passenger who has wandered in their village and more or less, using the forbidden way. Lavinia intercepts him and tells him that he must not be here, because this village hides the secrets the fortunetellers. If our player wants to leave the place, he will have to answer exactly on five questions (riddles) that Lavinia is going to pose to him.Who would want to stay in the ostracism of one fortuneteller? Who would surely want to escape, save your life and have the chance to play tomorrow as well. Just a joke. You may not want to ask for your future from one lady who thinks she knows a lot, but you will surely want to escape the place and feel free again.

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