Honolulu Sunset

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If you were ever interested about Hawaii, or maybe you even been there, you probably know that Honolulu, the city that is positioned on the island of Oahu\'s south shore, is the capital of Hawaii. The famous Waikiki neighborhood is its center for dining, nightlife and shopping. It is also well known for its iconic crescent beach backed by palms and big hotels, by the volcanic Diamond Head crater looming far away.Now you are about to meet Amy. Amy is an owner of one of the most beautiful resorts in Honolulu. Her resort is on an amazing location since it offers the most wonderful sunset there, but everyone that knows something about tourism, knows that the perfect location is never enough for successful touristic season. Amy knows that to so she always takes care everything to be in the right order so she could make her costumers satisfied but also to attract new clients as well.Let\'s enjoy the wonderful sights of the Honolulu sunsets and help Amy prepare the resort for the tourists. This is a great chance for you to learn something about this great place.

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