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And while some of us could not even imagine how is it to live in surroundings that is not urban, there are people who spend their whole lives living in the periphery or somewhere in nature, on a farm for example. And while some dream about being near to every city happening, others enjoy the fresh air and love places that are more quiet.Michael, his wife Kimberly and their daughter Sandra live on their farm and this farm means everything to them. This wonderful farm is their home and the place where they earn money for life. Yes, they admit that there is a lot of work on the farm but they are accustomed to it and they love doing it.Today, like every other day, there is a lot of work on the farm of this family. Michael, Kimberly and Sandra know they job really good, but now it is up to you to learn something about working on a farm. You have a task to help them in their everyday responsibilities and make sure everything is just fine on the farm. You may find really enjoying your stay on the farm, so let\'s see what is it about.

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