Earthly Eden

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Delores works in a green garden that is a really big attraction in her city. Its specialty are the rare species of plants that could be seen only here. That\'s why numerous people visit this place every day – some of them are professionals while the others are just enthusiasts that are interested into plants.Delores loves her job very much and she is rather dedicated to it. She takes it really serious and she is very moral in her acts. However, that is not a rule for all people that work or have worked there. Namely, Dolores\'s ex colleague, that worked at the same place as she, has made certain experiments with the rare flowers that could be found here. He was making healing potions but he has hidden them somewhere in the glass garden.Somehow Dolores has found out about those potions and she believes that they are of a great value. She believes that her colleague has made a huge discovery, making potions that could really heal many rare diseases. This discovery can be very important because the conventional medicine still hasn\'t found medicines that could heal them for sure. That\'s why she starts searching the whole place, hoping that she will find the potions.

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