Charmed Summer

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Not every person has the privilege to meet his/her soul mate. Or with other words, not every person has the luck to keep by him/herself the love of his/her life. But when that happens, the ones that are in love are probably the happiest persons in the world. The happiness could not be expressed by words, none the fast ticking of the love birds and that is the reason why finding a true love is something that every person in the world wishes for himself.Peter had that luck to be in a relationship with his biggest love named Susan. He has met her in the City Park and once he saw her, he knew that she is the one. Everything that he always wanted in a woman was included in this amazing person so he was extremely happy when she responded to his love. And since Peter and Susan met in this park, every time they have some spare time, they spend it there, bringing back all the wonderful memories spent together. It is always beautiful to think about those precious moments so they enjoy those walks a lot!However, Peter has already arrived in the park but Susan is not there yet. She is stuck in the city jam so she can\'t get there on time. Peter decides to walk through over all places that are favorite to Susan, waiting for her to come. Have fun in their interesting romance enjoy the romantic sights in the city park.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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