Ancient Promise

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People have different attitudes toward the past. And while some want to leave the past behind, not referring to things related to ancestors and things that happened once upon a time, other people deeply appreciate these concepts. Sometimes, respecting the past doesn\'t mean being stuck in it. Our ancestors were as wise as we are, and many of the truths they arrived at or the principles they adhered to can mean a lot to us today. Young Nina and her brother Akio are determined to fulfill the promise given to their ancestors - to find the valuable objects, hidden in the holy garden in their village. They know about this promise, and they always wanted to respect it, no matter what. They don\'t know everything about their ancestors, but they feel they deserve proper respect. And, a promise is a promise! For that, they will need some help from us, so let\'s what is going on in that unusual village and try to find a way to help them in their mission. We will find out new interesting things about the holly garden too, maybe things that will mean something to us... Let\'s start right away!

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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