Stage Silhouette

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The job that Amanda is working for a certain period of time is not something that many people do. She is a detective, and that may not sound strange for you, but her specialty is definitely something that will make you feel chills, all through your body. Namely, Amanda is a detective for paranormal activities and a really good one. She knows how to figure out things that lay behind the visible and at the moment she is working on a very delicate case.Amanda is in the theater, together with the former actor Paul who has spend his whole career in this place. The reason why they are here is appearing of a certain man silhouette on the stage and it appears more often and often during the performances.The actors are concerned about the whole situation because his presence makes them insecure while the audience is really scared so eventually, they stopped visiting the theater. Amanda is here with a single aim, to find out the truth about this man silhouette and put an end to the agony that rules over the theater.

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