Fantasyland intruders

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People could feel like intruders sometimes, it may come unexpectedly and without any obvious be in a place where you don\'t belong, but it surely happens.Karen is the daughter of the great wizard, Brian. Today, she had a very strange experience. Namely, she, together with her friend, the fairy Lisa, all of a sudden got lost in the Fantasyland. They see that this land is very interesting and they would like to spend some time there, exploring its beauties and unusual places, but they are not aware that there is one problem with that. They don\'t know that their entry into the Fantasyland is forbidden and they are intruders in this land at this moment. Loon, Karen, and Lisa realize that they are not welcomed here, but they still like to explore this land before they leave it. There are so many magical objects in Fantasyland, objects that are worth being found and seen.Let\'s sneak together in this miraculous land and find out what is hidden there. Maybe there will be some things that are interesting for us as well.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Mystery



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