Time Stops

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Have you ever thought that there is someone around you, but you can\'t see him clearly? Like a ghost or some other paranormal creature? Well, our today\'s character, Julie, is definitely one of those persons who have a gift to see things that other people can\'t. But that doesn\'t mean that she is fine with that and that it doesn\'t make her feel scared... Few times, Julie notices that exactly at midnight, the time stops in her house. And it seems like it\'s not only in her house, but in her street too. In that part of the night, the ghosts come out and walk freely on the streets. Julie, as mentioned above, has the ability to see the ghosts and she is willing to do whatever it takes to stop their routine. She is somewhat aware that she can\'t stop the just like that but she will try to do something, to stop this strange happening with the time. She believes that if she deals with the time that stops at midnight, the ghosts won\'t be able to continue their walks because that way they will be seen by everyone, not just Julie.

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