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The three friends, Helen, Eric and Nicole, are real adventurers. The always love to visit new places and see new things, even those things are something scary or strange. They have been everywhere, on places we cannot even imagine that are reachable but there is always something new that waits to be seen and explored. This time, the three friends are visiting one of the scariest villages in their country. This village is called Scaryville and they are here with an aim to find out something more about the village and to find out why it is known by that name. Their searching mission is about to start and it seems like they don\'t worry much that they are in the scariest village in the state. They take their mission seriously and it seems like there is no time to be scared. Let\'s see what will Helen, Eric and Nicole find there and help them if they get is trouble. This will be a unique experience and unusual adventure, so let\'s see together will happen in the scariest village in the county.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Scary



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