Lost Money

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There\'s no place like home, that\'s something we all agree. But sometimes, the circumstances don\'t allow us to visit the place where we are born too often. The place is too far, we don\'t have enough time because of our work, because of our schedule and so on.Amy has planned for a longer period of time the trip to the place where she was born. She hasn\'t visited her parent for a certain period of time, so she is very excited about this trip. However, there are only few hours before her train starts the trip to the place where her parents live, but suddenly she realizes that there is one big problem.Namely, Amy has lost the money needed for the trip. She is sure that she had the money few hours ago but somehow, she has lost them in her home. She can\'t remember where could the money be but she has to start searching for them right away because she doesn\'t have any time left. This girl will probably find her money but what if it\'s too late? It would be nice if we help her so she could be on the train station on time and catch the train.

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