Search The Dark

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A young man, the teenager Juan, went missing. The family is looking for him, at one moment they realize that they could use some help in their search because they don\'t have any idea where should they continue their search. They called the police, to report the disappearance of their son so not the police have set the three detectives Kayla, Alan, and Lexis to work on this case.The detectives are collecting clues and evidence that could lead them to the truth about the disappearance of the teenager. They realize that the last time Juan was seen in one abandoned house, a place that is used by the homeless as their shelter. After that, it seems that every trace disappears but that\'s why Kayla, Alan, and Lexis are here, to find out something under the obvious.The detectives could also use some help to finish their mission successfully, so let\'s help them deal with those traces and find out where Juan could be. We hope that nothing serious has happened to him, and he will come back home as soon as possible.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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