Holiday Romance

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There are numerous explanations about love and being in love. Some people say that the love could last for a long period while the process of being in love and the romance are quite short, especially if we don\'t make certain acts that will keep that romance alive. Maybe that is the secret of those older couples that are still in love and walk hugged together, even though they have spend many, many years together.Connie for example is happily in love with her husband for many years. She is a very romantic person and knows how to cherish and keep the love. She always finds interesting ways how to celebrate their love and keep it alive but there is one thing she hasn\'t done yet. Namely, Connie has always wanted to go together with her husband on an exotic island and spend a romantic weekend there. Her husband knows about her wish so one day he surprises his wife with a journey to Jamaica. Well, what can be better that that?! Spending some time alone in a wonderful place, enjoying the unique nature, the unique music and meeting new people while getting to know a new civilization... simply great!They are already at the place. Connie is really happy and she likes to take a walk in order to explore this beautiful and romantic place.

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