Ghost Seekers

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There are so many professions in this world. For every people\'s need, there is a need of someone that could answer us to that particular need. We have problems with water in our homes, we call a plumber; we need someone to take care of our children when we are at work, we call a babysitter; we need new fancy earrings, we look for craftsman that could answer to our taste and needs in that moment; we suspect that we have a ghost in our home, we call a ghost seeker to see if there is really one...Yes, you heard right, a ghost seeker. That is a profession that also exists in this world. We are not sure if there are ghosts among us but if we start noticing some unusual paranormal things happening around us, ghost seekers could solve our doubts. Heather and Tyler are very famous in their rather strange profession, ghost seekers.They, together with their team, come into one abandoned house. They have been called to find out if there are really ghosts there. There are some traces that might point to a ghost\'s presence but are they real? Our search for ghosts may start right away.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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