The Unknown Genius

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Kayla, Natalie and Randy couldn\'t even imagine what are about to discover when they started their walk deep in the jungle. The three of them simply adore nature and wanted to find out something new and interesting in the jungle but they believed that they will discover something that actually belongs to the nature.But it seems that besides the trees and the animals, there is also something else that belongs to the nature, or it doesn\'t belong here but it\'s the safest place in the world if someone likes to keep it a secret... But let\'s stop with the mystery and open the cards in front of you.The three friends, while walking deep into the jungle, found out an abandoned observatory. There was no one in the place so Kayla, Natalie and Randy started exploring the place right away. They wanted to discover who lives in the observatory and the found objects point that there is some unknown genious living in this place. As it seems, he is on the edge to discover something big and probably, he doesn\'t like anyone to know anything before he finishes his huge discovery...

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Mystery



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