Mysterious Horseman

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Gloria is a very decent woman. Gloria is a cowgirl and loves to take care about her people, her little town. She is happy when her folks are calm, peaceful, singing songs, enjoying life. Their town is little, but it is so nice, they have happy life there. But, unfortunately, there came a day when a big problem has appeared and created disruption among the town\'s citizens.That is to say, one criminal horseman has visited them and has taken all the gold that is possible. People from the town feel deprived because those gold reserves give them the security that they will have bright future in the upcoming years.Gloria is very rare from her kind. But, the future of her small town gives her a headache. The thing is, few days ago, a mysterious horseman has come into the town and has stolen the gold reserves that the town needs to function normally. Gloria\'s intention is to find out who actually this mysterious horseman is and even more, to find out where is the stolen gold. We will show once again that women are more than brave, but that they care for the people around. Be a support for Gloria and make the people from her town happy and peaceful again.

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