Scattered Equipment

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Winter offers numerous options for sports and having fun. And some people like more walking in the snow or doing some other lighter activity while others choose skiing or snowboarding and they do it like real professionals. It doesn\'t matter if we do the sport alone or in a group, as long as we are outdoor, connecting with nature and breathing the fresh air.Karen and James love skiing and they are using their free time to spend some time in the mountains. However, they are a part of a group of skiers and everything seemed fine at the beginning but suddenly began a storm. The two of them were taking shelter during the snowstorm in some of the cabins on the mountain. After the storm passed they noticed that most of their ski equipment has gone missing. That is not such a good thing and they would not be able to continue skiing. They have to find all of their equipment in order to continue on their journey.Let\'s help Karen and James in their search for ski equipment.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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