Road to the Unknown

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Sorceresses and fairies should be the creatures that have seen a lot of magic, because they live in magical world, full of fantasy and unusual things and happenings. But some things are strange even for then, since magical things also have some hierarchy, right? The two sorceresses Lisa and Sarah, together with the fairy Nancy, are on their way to the unknown. There are some things that need to be explored but first of all, they have to pass through the magical forest. This is the first time as they visit the forest and everything looks extraordinary, even for them. This is the first time they go to this forest, and they are really happy to be there, being able to explore this magical forest. They know everything about magic but this forest is new for them and it hides so many unknown things, full of mmaic. Let\'s use this chance to check out what is happening in the magical forest. This game will be our trip to unknown and we are about to see things that we don\'t see every day, things full of magic and fantasy.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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