Reborn Love

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We never want to forget the people that we love, no matter if we are together with them or something simply was like a destiny to separate us. And today, on the love day that millions of people celebrate it, what other subject should we talk about, but her majesty – love. That is maybe the most overestimated thing, but, on the other hand, that is the only thing that actually should be overestimated.It\'s a Valentine day, and Ruth couldn\'t think of a better gift for herself. Few days ago she met once again the love of her life, Jack. Jack had to move away due to a business deal in another city, faraway from his birth place. She is so excited to see him after so many years. Ruth hopes that if their love was strong enough, they will have the chance to be together again and stay strong and be even more in love than before.Jack now is home again. On that occasion, Ruth organizes romantic diner in her home. She needs our help before Jack arrives. Love is everywhere and Ruth hopes that they will be together again with the love of her life. So, put your St.Valentine mood and play the game.

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